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KITCHEN EQUIPMENT and TOOLS |SHOW and TELL | Cooking With Carolyn

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

KITCHEN EQUIPMENT and TOOLS |SHOW and TELL |Cooking With Carolyn

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I get questions under my Youtube videos from people asking me where I get my equipment that I enjoy using in my kitchen. In this video, I share where I get the items and how they work for me. Leave a comment and tell me about some of your favorite pieces of kitchen equipment.


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Quenester Frazier
Quenester Frazier
Nov 24, 2020

Good evening I am so happy I came across your video on the German chocolate cake; I then decided to look at others and since the pandemic has changed the huge gathering we usually have besides the cake making a sweet potato pie and your smothered turkey wings and will leave a comment on all the recipes I make for our virtual Thanksgiving after the holiday

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