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HOW I CLEAN CHICKEN - |Cooking With Carolyn |Requested|

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

HOW I CLEAN CHICKEN - |Cooking With Carolyn |Requested

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This is how I clean my chicken. I usually do it off camera but I decided to make a video after I received requests to show how I personally do it. I do realize that there are people who clean chicken and there are people who don't. I am also aware of what the USDA and the FDA state on their websites...and I could care less about it, trust me. These are the same entities that allow a certain amount of "debris" in a lot of the foods that most people aren't aware of and they are eating it multiple times a week. Take a look,

Personally, I prefer to clean it therefore there's no need to leave a comment telling me what they say about it. Cleaning chicken DOES NOT rid it of the Salmonella bacteria which can cause a foodborne illness. "Cleaning" it simply helps to remove the membrane from under the skin and any feathers that may still be attached. Always cook chicken to an INTERNAL TEMPERATURE of 165 degrees F to avoid foodborne illness.

If you clicked the link above to see what they DO allow in some foods, then you'll know you have bigger fish to fry when it comes to blindly accepting what they say as "law". Again, it is your preference to clean it, or not to clean it.

The excuse, or reason, that they give as to why it shouldn't be cleaned is because it "spreads germs around the kitchen." Really? Let's talk about the germs that probably exist in the kitchen before the chicken ever comes in.

Have you ever put your groceries in the trunk, or on the floor, of your car? You can imagine what bacteria is on the floor of your car. When you come home with those groceries, where do you put the bags? Most people put the bags on their countertops, which is a food contact surface. You just introduced the germs and bacteria from your car floor, and/or trunk, to what should be a clean food contact surface. Do you allow the house pets on your countertops? Ok, now there's shed animal hair on the countertop. Do you allow people to casually sit on your countertops? That was a no-no in my parents house and it's a no-no in my house for obvious reasons. Have your children ever placed their school backpacks, that have been lord knows where at school, on your countertops?Just sit and think about all of the germs and bacteria that are being brought in on a regular basis without any thought. It's something to think about right? And to think some people stress about cleaning chicken and salmonella? hehe!

So what's my point? Regularly cleaning your kitchen with a disinfectant, before and after handling raw meats, as a matter a fact, before and after you handle and prepare any food is the key.

I grew up using bleach and/or hexol (an older brand disinfectant that is hard to find now) when washing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning the countertops, etc. Once a disinfectant is introduced to an "infected" surface it will kill those nasty bacteria. Clorox and Lysol are some good brands that will do the trick. Read the directions for the dilution measurements if you’re going to be using a concentrated strength.

Since this blog is being written post Covid 19, I’m sure you’ve become more aware of the power of a good disinfectant.


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